The Restaurant

The Secret Square, cabaret and restaurant, invites you to unique culinary experience

The Secret Square is the only strip tease cabaret in Paris which offers a refined menu,vintage,« grand cru »,champagne and wine.
Let yourself discover the surprising and spicy flavors of the aphrodisiac menu, or give in the into the temptation of the seasonal menu.

Taste the virtues of aphrodisiac cuisine

The chef has created an exciting menu to stimulate your palate.
An aphrodisiac menu with sensual aromas and delicious spicy flavor.
Let yourself be seduced by the exquisite flavors of our seasonal menu.
We offer a variety of exceptional wines and champagnes to accompany these dishes, a truly irresistible combination.

Open from 8.30 pm until 00.15 am continuous service

Unique Formula

Bachelor’s Party

A special way to celebrate an unique event.

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